Tips & Hints

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Be sure to temporarily fix the problem if you can before you call us. If there is a small leak under the sink, turn off the water to that sink. If there is a location, maybe in a kitchen cabinet, open the door and ventilate that area and contact us. When using products like Drano, be sure to read the instructions and precautions.

Most products that are caustic will take care of not only the clog in the drain but also the drain itself. Be sure to let your plumber know if you have tried using Drano or any other product like it before they start work. Occasionally listen for leaks and always be aware if you hear one out of the blue.

Pay attention to what sounds are normal in your home. It is common for the ball flap in your toilet slip from its proper location after a flush. This will allow your water to run freely but is barely noticable.Save money on heating your water with a solar water heater.

Solar water panels are an inexpensive way to heat your homes water and help the environment by using it. Sun light has the power to take care of your hot water and is one of the few greenovations that can be paid off during the time you live in your home.